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Leisure Index


A panoramic view, by Philippe Vercoutter
Photo © Philippe Vercoutter


Feature Introduction:
A general look at the local facilities on offer



Feature A Hiking Paradise:
The Kemmelberg and surroundings are wonderful for walking



Feature Cycling Challenge:
Climbing the Kemmelberg by bike is a challenge



Feature 'Les Ancêtres' Land Art:
On the flanks of the Kemmelberg stands the 2021 'land art' installation

Feature Borelle Tradition:
Wicker men were the symbol of everything to be renewed

Feature Maguis' Small Horse:
This strange little Kemmelberg legend comes from the sixteenth century


Remarkable Stories

Feature The Forest Beggars:
It was in the run-up to the Eighty Years War (1568) that the beggars made their mark

Feature Petrus Plancius:
Plancius' best-known map is the world map, 'Orbis Terrarum'

Feature Hitler and the Kemmelberg:
Just a few days after Belgium fell, Adolf Hitler stood on top of the Kemmelberg

Feature Operation Circus 157:
Operation Circus 157 was the code name for the 1942 RAF raid on a power station

Food, drinks, lodging

Feature Culinary Delights:
The Kemmelberg region offers accommodation options and culinary delights