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Strategic Index


The monument, by Philippe Vercoutter
Photo © Philippe Vercoutter


Feature Introduction:
An overview of the hill fort's strategic importance to the region

Feature Neolithic Enclosures:
The Kemmelberg: a vantage point for Neolithic hunter-gatherers


Feature Celtic Fortifications:
A complex system of fortifications was built during the Iron Age


First World War

Feature Kemmelberg 1918 (Part 1):
The first war years were marked by battles near Ypres

Feature Kemmelberg 1918 (Part 2):
The Germans were carrying out an ultimate spring offensive

Feature Kemmelberg 1918 (Part 3):
The Battle of the Kemmelberg: a turning point in the First World War

Feature Relics & Monuments:
The Kemmelberg area has more than thirty war grave sites

Cold War

Feature The Command Bunker:
The underground military bunker installed during the Cold War

Feature Panoramic Bunker:
A 360-degree panorama of the command bunker's operations room

Photo focus features

Feature The Command Bunker:
Join a short photographic visit to the command bunker