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First Farmers: Lithic Finds in Situ

by J L Putman & M Soenen

Lithic finds of the 'First Farmers' Neolithic period which have been unearthed around the Kemmelberg include scrapers, blades, knives, fragments of polished axes, tranchet axes, and a grinding stone.

Fragments of polished axes
Photo © H Hameeuw, RAMS

Fragments of polished axes, Kemmelberg.

The specimens on the left and right have been reworked.

Three brown-grey retouched blades
Photo © H Hameeuw, RAMS

Three brown-grey retouched blades, Kemmelberg.

Four knives with blunted or natural edge
Photo © H Hameeuw, RAMS

Four knives with blunted or natural edge, Kemmelberg.

Tranchet axe in local flint
Photo © H Hameeuw, RAMS

Tranchet axe in local flint, Kemmelberg.

Fragment of a hardstone dolerite axe
Photo © H Hameeuw, RAMS

Fragment of a hardstone dolerite axe, Kemmelberg.

This discovered fragment of a hardstone dolerite axe may have come from Quelfénec in Brittany, 500km from the Kemmelberg as the crow flies.

Sandstone grinding stone
Photo © Luc Verhetsel, VISO

Sandstone grinding stone, Kemmelberg.

This image of a discovered sandstone grinding stone is illustrated with a runner and grains.



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