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Landscape: Panoramic View of a Vineyard

by William Willems & Philippe Vercoutter

This 360-degree panoramic photo was taken in the vineyard of Dr Herman Schotte, a retired paediatrician who practices biodynamic viticulture together with his wife.

The photo puts you on the spot in the middle of the small idyllic vineyard, which is located in the extension of a beautiful park, and from where you get a nice view of the rolling landscape of Heuvelland.

Photo © Philippe Vercoutter.

The couple not only produce white wine here, they take a special effort to produce red wine at their Vidaigne domain which is located on the slope of the Vidaigne hill in Westouter (Heuvelland), at a height of 110 metres along the French border.

Red wine is not easy to make in the region, but apparently the local microclimate and the composition of the soil are well suited to the cultivation of red wine. In Heuvelland, the Schottes became viticulture pioneers of Regent red wine.

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